Thinking Soberly About Holiness (Part 1)

Passage: Romans 12:1-3
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Anyone familiar with the Apostolic faith can usually pick out Apostolic Pentecostal women in a crowd. They never cut their hair and they always wear dresses. In fact, it's not too difficult to even separate one organization's women from another. A common question asked by apostolic women when visiting another church is, "should I wear my hair up or down?" Is there anything wrong with maintaining standards of dress and appearance that distinguish the people of God from the world? Even the US military rigidly inforces standards of dress and appearance. And, it seems logical that that any organization should have the right to live according to the conventional wisdom of the organization. Certainly every believer should have the right to exercise their own personal convictions. So what's the problem? Part 1 shows the real danger of not thinking soberly about the subject of holiness.