God’s Call Gave Birth to a Nation

Passage: Isaiah 51:2
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God called Abram to build a nation. God brought him into the land of Canaan which would be the place where God would one day lead Abram's descendants to become the nation of Israel. God would fulfill His promise to give Abram a son and a spiritual heritage that would come through Christ. Obedience to God's call changed Abram to Abraham the father of all who believe. Our hope and encouragement come from knowing that any believer can become an individual of great faith, like Abraham, through the power of God's call. When a person responds to God's call, the impact can be enormous. We are not only saving ourselves. We could be saving generations! Our influence will live on after we have passed away. Our future descendants may never visit our graves; they may not even know our names, but our influence will live on as a result of God's call.

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