Filthy Dreamers

Passage: Jude 1:4-8
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When Jude called apostate preachers "filthy dreamers" in his epistle, he wasn't just leveling disparaging remarks. He was illustrating a contrast between the dreams of the righteous and those of the unrighteous. Jude wanted everybody to understand the hopelessness of these people’s message. So he used common historical and natural events to illustrate the contrast between the true apostolic faith and the faith of the apostates. Dumb animals understood more by instinct than these men did by education. They were like clouds without water, wandering stars with no sense of direction and dead trees without fruit to name a few contrasts. In this message, Bishop Stinnett explains some of these illustrations and echos the same warning to the people of today. Are you an Apostolic or an Apostate? Learn the difference. (52 Minutes)