Not Just Another Visit from the King

Passage: Matthew 21:5
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According to Charles Haddon Spurgeon what we call a “revival” is more accurately and scripturally referred to as “Times of Refreshing from the Presence of the Lord.” (Acts 3:19). Indeed, it is the Lord that must be present in the fullness of His glory if we are to reap the benefits of what we have come to call a revival. In essence this verse is a companion of 2 Chronicles 7:14 which establishes the conditions that must be met if we want to see the miracles of God manifested among us. Quite simply it means we won’t see “times of refreshing” if we don’t have “times of renewal” among the people of God. In Part Two of “Times of Refreshing,” Bishop Stinnett looks at the events of “Palm Sunday” and shows how it is “Not Just Another Visit from the King.” It is the one out of a hundred revivals when believers actually met the four conditions for a Great Revival.

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