Thinking Soberly about Holiness Part 2

Passage: Romans 12
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In Thinking Soberly About Holiness Part 1 Bishop Stinnett lists the dangers of over-estimating ourselves.  Any sober evaluation of ourselves must consider the four dangers of distinguishing oneself from others.  In Part 2 Bishop Stinnett lists the true measure of holiness as given by the Apostle Paul in Romans, Chapter 12.  Just as a book can not be judged by its cover, neither can holiness be judged by the eye wash of standards of dress and appearance. These serve only to introduce the saint as a follower of Christ.  True holiness can only be seen when the saint is read as a living epistle through consistent godly living according to the scriptures.  This brings glory to God.  Let others see the works of God in you and glorify God.