What’s Coming Between You And God?

Passage: Isaiah 59:2, Mark 2:1-5, Hebrews 12:1, James 5:13-15
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Light from the sun falls freeling upon all life below, unless something overshadows its life giving rays. Likewise, are those who allow things to come between them and God. What comes between you and God may not be the same for everybody. It doesn’t technically even have to be a sin. But, everyone has something that can easily beset them if they don’t take the warnings of this message seriously. What is your enemy? What is it that constantly herasses you and holds you back from serving God? Regardless of what monster you contend with, Evangelist Larry Melton tells you the best way to defeat it is to quit feeding it. Starve it from your attention. Lay aside everything that can come between you and God and live victoriously in Christ.

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