You Can’t Kill the Seed

Passage: Genesis 3:15, Luke 1:5-18
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Did you know that you're either producing the fruit of the devil or the fruit of God? Genesis 3:15 is the first prophecy of the first Christmas, the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. When the serpent tempted Adam and Eve in the garden, the seed of sin was sown in their mind. But, so was the seed of righteousness sown in the heart of man. For sixty-two generations Satan has been trying to kill that seed while sowing his own seed of death and destruction. Only occasionally, do we see the lily of righteousness bloom among the dandelions of this world. But, the fact that we celebrate Christmas at all should reminds us that you can't kill the seed. So, don't get discouraged when it seems that God is no where to be found (even in worship), and the world is full of sin. Jesus Christ has already come. He paid the price for our sins. The victory has already been won. He led captive and gave gifts unto men. (Psalms 68:18, Ephesians 4:8) So, let the seed produce the fruit of righteousness in your own life, keep living right and yes, keep celebrating Christmas until Jesus comes again to take away the sins of this world. (52 Minutes)

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  1. Virginia Breeden 01/14/2019 at 12:05 PM

    I enjoyed the sermon thank you

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